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Me NAME: Paul Lison

LOCATION: Derby, England

Development Engineer (Gas Turbines) - Aerospace Industry.

Fast Lad Performance

Synergy N5
Trex 600 - Flybarless V-Bar
Align T Rex 450 Pro

Own Design X-50
Hirobo Sceadu EVO 50
Dyna X
X-Cell Fury Extreme
Robbe Millennium II
Robbe Futura SE
Robbe Moskito Basic
TT Raptor 30 V1
TT Raptor 50 V2
TT Raptor 90 SE
Synergy N9
Compass Knight 50 3D
Compass Knight 600E
Compass Atom 500
Align T Rex 450 SE
Align T Rex 700
MSH Protos 500
Outrage 550e
Outrage Velocity 50

2002 - 7th Place (Experts)
2003 - 2nd Place (Experts)
2004 - 2nd Place (Experts)
2005 - 8th Place (Masters)
2006 - 11th Place (Masters)
2007 - 18th (Masters)

Extreme Flight Championship (XFC):
2005 - 15th Place

UK 3D Championships
2009 - 7th Place (Champions)

Clubman 3D Cup (Competition Judge and Organiser):
2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008

Park Hall 3D Cup (Competition Judge and Organiser):
2009 and 2010

GENERAL: I have been flying model helicopters since August 1999, when I started with a Robbe Mosquito Basic. I was lucky with my first club, which had some very good heli flyers. This gave me a good foundation, which I have been building on ever-since. Thanks Mark :-)

Like most I have had lots of Highs and Lows with this hobby, but keep coming back for more.

I enjoy watching all aspects of the hobby, 3D, scale and FAI but fly mainly 3D myself. I competed in the '02, '03, '04, '05, '06 and '07 3D Masters. Also in 2005 I made the trip over to compete in the XFC in the USA.

I am a regular on the UK Flyin scene and I am happy to chat and give advice/help were I can. So come say Hi.

Hope you enjoy my website and that there is some useful information.